hobby /'hɒbɪ/ n. 业余爱好


Her hobbies include swimming and gardening.



an activity that you do for pleasure when you are not working 业余爱好



hobby 基本解释 名词业余爱好; 嗜好,兴趣; 小马 hobby 相关例句 名词 1. He works in a bank, but his hobby is building model boats. 他在银行工作,但他的业余爱好是做船舶模型。 2. He pursued his hobby of collecting old almanacs for so many years. 许多年来他一直保持着收集旧历书的嗜好。 hobby 双语例句 1. hobby的意思 1. Yes, I like to play table tennis on spare time, it`s my hobby and interests. :是的,业余时间我很喜欢去打乒乓,这是我的爱好和兴趣。 2. She dabbles in painting as a hobby. 她学点绘画作为业余爱好。 3. It's a hobby of mine, not my job. 这是我的一个爱好而已,并不是我的工作。 4. 4. Confectioners like sour pickles, butchers like marzipan, and the baker prefers sausage to bread; bullfighters raise pigeons for a hobby, boxers turn pale when their children have nosebleeds: I find all this quite natural, for I never laugh off duty. 挤奶工人如能忘掉奶牛,瓦工如能忘掉灰浆,他们就会感到高兴,木匠家里常有关不上的门或费很大劲才能拉开的抽屉,糕点师傅爱吃酸黄瓜;屠宰工人爱吃杏仁糖;面包师宁要香肠不要面包,斗牛士爱玩鸽子,拳击家见到自己的孩子流鼻血会惊恐失色——这一切我都能理解,因为我下班后从来不笑。 5. 5. Birthday gifts for a young person, consider a hobby kit, such as a candle - making kit or a rock tumbling kit. 生日礼物的年轻人,可以考虑一种爱好套件,如蜡烛-决策工具或岩石翻滚包。 6. Given a few years you could have a nice little busine ss venture as well as a great hobby. 鉴于几年你可以有一个可爱的小生意,以及一个伟大的爱好。 7. CQA|#| k. x Every man has his hobby-horse. 人各有所好。 8. 8. For me, bowling is both a sport and a hobby. 对我来说,打保龄球既是一项运动也是一项业余爱好。 9. Nowadays millions of people of teenagers take pleasure in a hobby which is interesting and fun. 陆浩林英和孟玉都在帮助别人生活得更好,自己也生活得更充实。 10. I decided to meet you only because i love peole with the same hobby as me, particularly you loves House, too. 我之所以会去见你,是因为我很喜欢跟我有相同爱好的人,尤其因为你也喜欢House! 11. Secondly, I have the same hobby as you, like dancing on the stage, even the stage is only several centimeters high, and I don`t like the crowd. 其次,我也有同样的癖好,喜欢在舞台上跳,哪怕只有一点点高,而且我不喜欢人多。 12. hobby的意思 12. I have the same hobby as you (without dancing because I'm a fat boy). 十分怀疑踏实CWT 13. It takes a little elbow grease but it works and most hobby stores carry it. 它需要一点肘油脂,但它的工程和最嗜好的商店进行。 14. hobby 14. In last years of life in each Eurya To find them, and use it as a hobby. 开始在生活的每个细枝末叶里许找它们,并以此为一种爱好。 15. hobby的翻译 15. Fund withdrawal from the stock market 6, 818, 000, 000 yuan; hobby T-short trading flat seats in November, selling a net 2.715 billion yuan; and QFII is funded out of the performance characteristics, pay attention to short-term speculation. 基金撤出股市681800.00万元,爱好的T短期交易席位在11月持平,销售净二七一五零零零零零零元;和QFII的是资金的性能特点进行,注重短期投机。 16. 16. My profession and hobby is also the breeding of animals. I have breed racing pigeons, horses and – of course – dogs. I have dogs since 1949, and I breed since 1953. Between 1953-1965 I have breed Hungarian Vizsla and English Cocker Spaniel, since 1968 Greyhound and Great Dane. 米克洛斯李文特先生1949年开始他的犬业事业,1953年开始进行犬制繁殖工作,1953年至1965年期间,他繁殖的犬种有匈牙利维希拉猎犬和英国可卡猎犬,从1968年开始繁殖灵提和大丹犬。 17. One can only gently insinuate something else into its convulsive grasp. if it is truethe cultivation of a hobby and new forms of interestis a policy of first importance to a modern man who easily getsanxious and depressed. 你只能耐心地用暗示的方法使其他事进入这固执的头脑中去。如果这样分析是对的,那么对于一个极易焦虑沮丧的现代人来说,培养业余爱好和新的兴趣是头等重要的明智之举。33 18. Be fond of him what collect artwork to also find evidence from inside his hobby even: Canvas market is after the dreariness with old experience, land of type of abrupt this year blowout increases, he also earned brushstroke greatly subsequently. 热衷收藏艺术品的他甚至从自己的爱好中也找到佐证:油画市场在经历多年的沉寂之后,今年突然井喷式地增长,他也随之大赚了一笔。 19. hobby在线翻译 19. If you collect Dolls, either as a hobby or have a business, this program is for you to keep those dolls organized and muchmore. 如果你收集娃娃,无论是作为一种业余爱好或一个企业,这个节目就是为你把这些娃娃组织以及许多。 20. hobby 20. In addition, in the UG2 fitting also tends to the diversification, from the rear view mirror, the vehicles engine, in the vehicle and so on these slight places also considered the lamp to the gauge board, has played the families all to be possible according to need to make own love vehicle, as for between each kind of vehicles or the fitting performance, which one is good and which one is bad, that looks at individual hobby. 玩家要想在爱车的外观和性能上找到一个平衡点,为了使自己的爱车够炫、够劲,那么请多多参加比赛。此外,UG2中的配件也更趋于多样化,从后视镜,车辆引擎,车内灯到仪表盘等这些细微的地方也考虑到了,玩家都可以根据需要来打造自己的爱车,至于各种车辆或者配件之间的性能,孰优孰劣,那就看个人的爱好咯。 hobby 词典解释 1. 业余爱好;嗜好 A hobby is an activity that you enjoy doing in your spare time. e.g. My hobbies are letter writing, football, music, photography, and tennis. 我的业余爱好是写信、踢足球、听音乐、玩摄影和打网球。
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